Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Spirit of CT 100

The whole goal of this run was to eliminate all of the aspects that I sometimes find annoying about racing. For example, I'd love to run Bighorn and San Juan, but it just doesn't work out timewise. For the CT 100, you set the date and then run it. There are only a few "rules".

This is a self supported run. No pacers. No aid. Carry all of your crap and make sure none of it is left on the trail. Be kind and curteous to other trail users and follow all rules/laws of the trail and the space it inhabits.

Simply put, this is as grassroots as it gets. Verify your time if you can via a 3rd party or photo. Send it here, and I will post it up.

I ask that you carry some sort of device to signal for help. While the trail is mostly well traveled, and this is far from true "wilderness", make sure that SAR can find you. It is highly recommended that you bring a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) with you in case of emergency.

Runners of the CT100 assume all responsibility for their actions.


  1. totally cool man. as much as i'd love to do the full CT, I realize that with my job and all, there's no way I could procure enough time to knock it all out at once. but i love the idea of knocking it out in three separate bouts or so :)

  2. Hey Patrick, I just found your website now as I wait in the Denver Greyhound station to head to the Gold Hill TH. Yup, I'm embarking on the CT 100. Wish me luck! :-) - Fred Ecks